jin bubaigawara 

boku no hero academia

 about him 

name: jin bubaigawara
villian name: twice
birthday: may 10
age: 31
favorite thing: cigaraettes
quirk: make doubles of anything he has the exact measurements of.

⋆。°✩ birthchart ✩°。⋆

sun: taurus
moon: cancer
venus: taurus
mercury: gemini


  why i love him,  

honestly it's hard to describe exactly why i love jin so so so soooo much! i think for starters i realte heavily to his dissociative disorder as i have one as well. although his is split personality and mine is depersonalization, i can't help but fantasize about hold him close and going through our mental struggles together! ahhh, i'm already starting off so cheesy!! i just feel that if me and jin were to meet we would hit it off! i would love to hang out with him and toga!! i also admire his facial features a lot! i wanna place gentle kisses on his nose and scar, and caress his stubble!! ahh i need to stop before i expose myself more!!